Children Experiencing Loss and Trauma

I am working alongside CEL&T to deliver training to schools, youth organisations and local communities on the long-term effects of ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences – on physical and mental health. The consequences can be far-reaching and even fatal, yet we are only now beginning to understand this. The training includes the screening of a powerful and moving film called ‘Resilience: the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope’. If you are interested in finding out more, click on the logo above or get in touch.

We also deliver Friends Resilience training to schools and youth groups. This is a set of programmes that teach children and young people how to manage their emotions so that they can navigate their way through life more successfully. It has been approved by the World Health Organisation and NICE, with research that shows it has a profound effect on those who go through the programme, particularly when delivered as part of a whole school/group approach. CEL&T are one of a very few providers of this training in the UK. If you think this is something your school or organisation could benefit from, click on the logo above or get in touch.